Stella McCartney Celebration Assets

A rebrand of Stella McCartney Assets

An event designed to celebrate the work of Stella McCartney, which pioneers in sustainable fashion. The event is based on a marketing report I conducted and honours the commitment and support that Stella McCartney and her brand have to protecting our planet earth. The event is held at her Old Bond Street store and presents her collections that she feels are her best work as well as the work she feels is most sentimental to her. This is inspired by Stella’s ‘Members and Non-Members only’ space within the store, an area which revels elements of the brand which are closest to Stella and her background. It would be a very personal event for ‘key guests’ invited as well as for Stella herself, to present the sustainable world she has created.

As a ‘key guest’, the recipient would receive an invitation. The box, all made from recycled or sustainable materials, will give details about times, venue as well as an overall background on the brand. Each box will be personalised for the individual using swing labels which are attached to a key. The idea of using a key is a play on words of the ‘key people’ in Stella’s career who have had an influence on how she works. The design of the key will reflect the aesthetic of the store with modern influence using the brands logo, most likely engraved into recycled metal.

Market Research

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Final Assets

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