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For my final major project I created Eyes Open, an awareness campaign which challenges gender stereotypes within fashion. The campaign is supported by the British Fashion Council as part of the Institute for Positive Fashion Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. The campaign highlights issues surrounding gender and the need for inclusion from brands big and small.

Eyes Open will educate and inform in an engaging and creative manner through social media, infographics and imagery as well as collaborations and workshops. The campaign will look across the board of the industry, from luxury to retail, backstage to runway, adults to kids – highlighting the need for change in gender stereotyping and perceptions.

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Eyes Open aims to increase the awareness of issues caused by gender in the fashion industry.

The campaign will challenge gender perceptions and stereotypes within fashion, across the board. Fashion is for all and there is beauty within individuality and therefore, this campaign will encourage the audience to see beyond gender to aid in creating an equal, completely inclusive fashion industry.

Being part of the British Fashion Council’s Diversity and Inclusivity Committee projects will allow the campaign to be supported by brands and designers already patron or members of the institute. The campaign will be directed at young creatives and Generation Z, as well as industry professionals, to educate, inform and raise awareness of the stigma gender carries within the industry, in order to build an equal fashion future

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The purpose of the awareness campaign is to open eyes and rewrite the narrative regarding gender inequalities and stereotyping within fashion. The increased awareness and scale of the issue will encourage a wider mission for change from associated brands, outside designers and young creatives who will be entering the industry. The campaign will highlight the reality of the situation, to give the audience a real insight into what needs to change. Unless you know the true facts and figures of an issue/topic it is hard to understand the need to make a difference – there are a lot of ways in which brands and companies can mask the reality of their business. This campaign aims to reverse this, making the industry more transparent in this area.

A long-term goal for the campaign is to enforce equality within British Fashion brands, where they become leaders of change for other designers and businesses worldwide. Fashion is an industry of the future, moving at a fast past and in line with technology, so the old-fashioned gender stereotypes that it still holds, need to be left in the past.

The campaign will include a brand identity alongside a range of assets to reach the target market. Some of these assets will include;

Social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, tiktok)

Billboards, Store Fronts and Publication advertisements

Merchandise – posters, pins, badges

A series of workshops and webinars to provide businesses and schools with the knowledge of how to be more inclusive for generations in the present and the future.

The campaign will have ambassadors support from brands that stand in support of an equal future, in addition to individuals who actively promote gender equality through their own work and style

Launch at London Fashion Week Men’s in February 2022 (relaunch at Women’s fashion week in September 2022)

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