The 7 Demands: Fashion & Movement

2020 celebrates 50 years since the first women’s conference in 1970 at Oxford University. Hundreds of angry, passionate women gathered to outline their 7 demands for change in society. Just 7. Demands that shouldn’t need to be demanded. The 7 points made were basic human rights, rights for women and their body, to ensure they were treated with just as much significance as men. Today, women are still asking for the same 7 things worldwide. To be able to achieve all they wish for, to be fully in control of their body and minds, to live in a world where equal value work means equal pay and to have 7 basic rights to live their life with.

This short film gives an insight into women’s position in society today, with particular focus on the number 7. The 7 demands, the 7 rights. The number 7 is important in measuring gender equality, because we know it will be equal when all outlined demands have been fulfilled. Until then, the conversation continues. Women’s silence and dismissal of the topic will never bring about any change. Women know what they are capable of and should set out to claim what is theirs, being vigilant of their 7 basic rights. Women shouldn’t have to shout them from the rooftops I order to have their worth appreciated. You can’t change the cards that life has dealt you, but you can decide how to play them, where women come together with the same issue and show their potential of success.

It cannot be denied that a woman’s place in the world has changed for the better since the 1970s where we now have female CEOs and leaders who are well respected. The film will show snippets of life for women in 2020, specifically showing how the 7 demands are being fulfilled. This may be showing a female police officer or a woman getting the keys to her new home, which has afforded by herself. All the scenes will be a celebration of what women are capable of in today’s world but towards the end, there will be a reminder of challenges that are still faced by the female race.

All scenes will feature the number 7 as the main message of the film. The 70s women only asked for 7 basic rights, some of which has progressed, but others that still hold a stigma. The aim of the film is to leave the audience with the number 7 prominent in their minds so that they remember what was asked 50 years ago. For men, it’s a reminder of their position alongside women in society, as equals not higher regarded. For women, the number 7 will act as a list of requirements that they expect when applying for a new job or taking control of their own bodies. Women will come away feeling empowered by how far they have come and inspiring future change for the next generation.

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