ABC: The Power of Art (Burberry Campaign)

Burberry’s ‘ABC: The Power of Art’ Campaign aims to inspire, encourage, and inform. The campaign encourages the participation in various aspects of the arts including art, fashion, photography and dance. Using visuals and creative communication, Burberry has created pop up experiences which will educate children, as well as their parents, about how influential the skills developed from studying the arts can be.

Using their brand and the education platform that they have already started to build, Burberry Inspire. For this campaign,Burberry seeks to further encourage the uptake of the arts at school and into higher education, breaking the stigma that creative careers can often have. The campaign aims to promote Burberry to a younger demographic demonstrating what their options are in the creative field and to encouraging a future range of consumers.

The campaign is focused around school children from the ages of 11-18 as secondary school is where the problem of art education is most prominent and where decisions are made about future education or career choices. Burberry also targets parents similarly because secondary school is a significant time in determining where their children's future will head. They are conscious about the choices they make and the grades they get.

The campaign includes an event that will move between 10 locations up and down the country which are considered to have an artistic culture and history. The experience gives the audience an opportunity to attend workshops specific to areas of the arts, become interactive using digital technology and hear from professionals in industry talks. The campaign demonstrates how powerful art can be, allowing the audience to express themselves. The Burberry aesthetic flows throughout the campaign and their response as a brand includes an auctioned trench coat, designed by the children, as well as interactive shopping experiences. This keeps imagination alive in school children and Burberry customers during and after the campaign.

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