The Fluidity of Fashion

The following work was part of a 'pushing boundaries' project where I took on a subject area that I hadn't before studied, to create assets and outcomes that would advance my communication skillset. The topic is based on toxic masculinity and the need for full gender fluidity throughout the fashion industry. The assets are inspired by the work of designer Jacqueline Loekito - bringing the colour palette and aesthetic of her brand to my work. The article written as a starting point for this brief 'The Fluidity of Fashion' can be found in the section 'Articles' at the top of this page

Below are a set of magazine spreads designed for Paper Magazine - 2 designs specific to Paper style and 1 new possible design for the magazine using illustrative visuals

Below are a set of posters designed in response to the written article and Paper magazine spreads - using toxic phrases against men and encouraging the viewer to question themselves.

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